Highlighting projects making a difference

Highlighting projects making a difference2018-09-16T10:17:51+00:00

Sometimes when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways it can change someone else’s life forever.


Seven Women

SEVEN WOMEN Seven Women is a not-for-profit organisation, socially and economically empowering marginalised and disabled women in Nepal through skills training and employment. Melbourne girl Steph Woollard began Seven Women in 2007 as a grass roots development project to create change for seven women who were found operating out of a tin shed and enduring harsh discrimination as a result of being disabled. Steph [...]

The Liora Project

THE LIORA PROJECT Australian Kate Mongomery heads up The Liora Project - a not-for-profit organisation that releases girls from human trafficking and sets them up with a safe and secure future by offering employment in centres established in India and the Philippines. The girls are trained in sewing and jewellery making skills and are paid a living wage. The goal is for them to [...]

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