About Wise Women

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Wise Women has been created to gather together women to connect, share our stories, be inspired, learn from each other and support projects assisting women.

Specifically tailored to the interests of 50+ women, we will focus on three major areas:


There are so many talented, courageous and inspiring women and we believe they should be recognised and celebrated!
Wise Women Central will publish thoughtful interviews and features on wise women in Australia and around the world. We particularly want to tell the stories of women who are not usually seen in mainstream media.
There will be many opportunities for members to connect with each other, both online and in person.


Living a healthy and fulfilled life means we need to develop learning as a daily habit. We will offer a wide range of opportunities to learn from other wise women across a vast range of subjects.
Wise Women Central will also organise events where wise women can shine as experts in their field, in a friendly and supportive environment.


The WISE WOMEN GIVING FUND will gather small amounts across multiple sources such as membership fees, events and our online store.
Accumulated funds will be distributed to support wise women and community groups in their endeavours to improve the lives of other women less fortunate.
Karen Parish and Lea Trafford

Karen Parish (left) with Wise Woman Lea Trafford from Connecting Conversations.

The Wise Women concept has been occupying a large part of the headspace of the founder Karen Parish for almost ten years.
A 50+ wise woman from Melbourne, Australia, Karen is excited to be finally pursuing her personal passion and feels privileged to be surrounded by wonderful, supportive women helping to make it a reality.
We are busy interviewing wise women, building our “tribe” of awesome women, and organising events. 2018 is going to be an exciting year, with workshops, retreats and social events already planned.
As we are just getting started, we would appreciate your help in spreading the word to all the wise women that you know, both in Australia and overseas. The larger our tribe grows, the more positive impact we can make in peoples lives.