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Wise Women has been created to connect 50+ women to share stories, be inspired, learn from each other, have fun and support projects helping women.

Some Wise Women Stories…


We share stories of wise women in Australia and around the world. Members also connect with each other online and in person at events.


Living a healthy and fulfilled life requires continual learning, and we will offer a range of opportunities to learn from other wise women.


We support wise women and community groups in their endeavours to improve the lives of others.

Let’s connect…

We are building the Wise Women Community one wise woman at a time!
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Life’s Third Act – an inspiring TEDTalk by Jane Fonda

“There have been many revolutions over the last century, but perhaps none as significant as the longevity revolution. We are living on average today 34 years longer than our great-grandparents did – think about that. That’s an entire second adult lifetime that’s been added to our lifespan.
And yet, for the most part, our culture has not come to terms with what this means. We’re still living with the old paradigm of age as an arch. That’s the metaphor, the old metaphor. You’re born, you peak at midlife and decline into decrepitude!
But many people today – philosophers, artists, doctors, scientists – are taking a new look at what I call “the third act” – the last three decades of life.” …

“Women’s strength, women’s industry, women’s wisdom are humankind’s greatest untapped resource. The challenge then for U.N. Women is to show our diverse constituencies how this resource can be effectively tapped in ways that benefit us all.”

Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile and Inaugural Executive Director of UN Women

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