Businesswoman, philanthropist and women’s football pioneer Susan Alberti was named the 2018 Victorian of the Year.

A defining moment in Susan’s life was her journey to New York to collect her daughter Danielle who was suffering severe complications from type 1 diabetes – and urgently needed a kidney transplant. However, several hours into the flight home, Danielle suffered a massive heart-attack, and died in Susan’s arms. Since that day, Susan has worked to raise funds for medical research dedicated to the cause.

A determined and energetic woman, Susan:

–  tackled the male-dominated building industry to become one of the first women to obtain a commercial builders’ licence in Victoria.

–  was vice-president of her beloved AFL team, the Western Bulldogs when they won the 2016 premiership.

–  was a driving force behind the successful push to establish the national AFLW women’s football competition.

Victoria University awarded her an honorary doctorate in 2016 for her outstanding philanthropic service and advocacy. As the chair of the Victoria University Foundation, Dr Alberti helped to introduce Achievement Scholarships to VU. She is also a strong supporter of the Western Chances Scholarship program.

“When I was made to stop playing football I was so angry, frustrated and upset. There was nowhere for me to go. But it came about [later in life] that I was in a position to truly make a difference.”