A specialist in cabaret, Robyn Archer has released 10 solo albums, several more as collaborations, and written 20-odd shows for theatre, including The Pack of Women which was adapted into a TV special for the ABC.

Born in Adelaide, Robyn was an only child and her ability as a performer was evident early. At four, she began singing in her great-grandparents’ hotel and she started singing professionally at 12. That she could have a career as a singer is remarkable, as she is a chronic asthmatic and her lung capacity is dramatically diminished as a result.

She is known to many for her one woman shows in the 1970s and 80s, by others for her original songs  and recordings, and now by thousands more for her memorable arts festivals in Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Tasmania.

Often referred to as a national treasure, Robyn has published numerous books from The Robyn Archer Songbook to Mrs Bottle’s Burp and Detritus (a collection of her public speeches) as well as writing for the Griffith Review and the Australian Book Review.

The Artistic director of the European Capital of Culture and advisor to Toronto’s Festival of Arts and Creativity for two years each, she is highly regarded around the world.

“Many people, when they have a family and need to feed them and put a roof over their heads, give up their art or reduce the hours of it. I think we do lose a lot of creativity by that and I think there still is a prevailing feeling that it won’t ever give you the income you need.”