Posie Graeme-Evans has worked in Australian film and television for the last 30 years as a director, commissioning executive and creator/producer of hundreds of hours of drama and children’s series, including the worldwide smash hit McLeod’s Daughters and Daytime Emmy nominated show Hi-5.

An internationally bestselling author of five novels, including The Island House and The Dressmaker. Posie now lives in Tasmania with her husband and creative partner Andrew Blaxland.

“My advice to aspiring writers is to set aside a piece of time and make that a habit. Three to four hours, say, once a week is all you need. I started writing on Sundays because it was something I could actually do (if you set yourself indigestibly huge goals – a novel in six months say – you might hate your lack of progress, and give up.) Just make the cup of tea and sit down. Take the chance. Be patient. It’s surprising how quickly the words mount up.”