As anyone who has sprained an ankle, broken a leg or dislocated a hip knows, a lack of mobility is incredibly limiting, tiring frustrating. However, for many elderly people, immobility can be their daily life experience.

There are many reasons why people are not able to head out for a brisk walk, cycle or run. This is particularly frustrating for people who were regular runners, walkers or cyclists in their younger years.

I have recently come across a not-for-profit called Cycling Without Age which addresses this issue in a beautifully practical and loving way.

cycling without age boardwalk

Cycling Without Age (CWA) is a worldwide movement that started in Denmark in 2012 by Ole Kassow that has brought the joy of cycling to thousands of people of all ages and abilities.

A lack of mobility is no longer an obstacle to getting around on a bike – everyone can enjoy the outdoors, the wind in their hair and the immeasurable lifestyle benefits that only a bike can provide.

Volunteer ‘pilots’ (cyclists) can take two elderly passengers in specially designed rickshaw style bikes to local parks, scenic places or just down to the shops.

Cycling Without Age is a free initiative and provides you with the network, the knowledge and the training to get started whether you are an individual, a family member of an elderly person, or work for a Council, municipality or nursing home.

CWA is about creating a multitude of new relationships: between generations, among the elderly, between pilots and passengers, nursing homes employees and family members.

Australian chapters have been established in Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Cummins, Sydney, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Murrurundi, Melbourne, Sandringham, Black Rock, Geelong, Canberra and Hobart.

All chapter details are found on the Australian website.

Karen xx


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