Kerri Judd’s career has included stints as a judge’s associate and a defence barrister and she represented the state at the royal commissions into the Black Saturday bushfires and child sexual abuse. She also spent time in Alice Springs managing a legal office for indigenous people.

When Ms Judd became a judge’s associate in 1989, there were no female Supreme Court judges nor QCs. Now, in 2018, she is the first woman to become Victoria’s Director of Public Prosecutions. As DPP, she is the head of Victoria’s public prosecutions service, which works on behalf of the Crown in serious criminal matters.

“It’s just disappointing that people aren’t encouraged to reach their full potential – and that’s what I’ve been talking about with women at the Bar and women more generally … you want to create opportunities so that those who have the skills to succeed will take up opportunities and keep pushing and keep striving.”