Born in Melbourne in 1962, Isha Judd has lived in South America since 2000, where she has built a large following as a writer and teacher as an Ambassador for Peace.

She is the founder of Isha Educating for Peace, a self-funded NGO  that works with prisoners and victims of natural disasters.

Working with children, politicians, prisoners, and people with disabilities, the organisation aims to support the underprivileged in all areas of society. In 2010, Isha taught over six thousand people affected by the earthquakes in the south of Chile in a special event.

Isha imposes no political opinions, dogmas or intellectual concepts, yet she is viewed as a modern day visionary. She established a constantly diversifying and evolving foundation aimed at reaching the places that need it most.

Isha’s simple tool is being used to eradicate the stress and traumas of an increasing number of individuals. In simple words, she is teaching people to love themselves.

“Self-love is not selfish or arrogant, it is the foundation of a healthy and complete relationship with life and the world”

In 2012, she received an Honorary Degree from the Universidad Internacional, Cuernavaca, Mexico for her “humanitarian efforts and contributing to the betterment of the human condition through personal growth.”

Isha Judd was named Ambassador for Peace by the Argentinean Senate in 2010.

Judd has two international retreat centres, located in Costa Azul, Uruguay and in Manzanillo, Mexico. She lives in Uruguay with the teachers she has trained in her system, as well as a multitude of animals.

Isha is the author of Why Walk When You Can Fly? and Love Has Wings.

“There is nothing more fulfilling than unconditional love of self, and when we experience it, we can extend that love to every aspect of creation. When we love ourselves unconditionally, all fear disappears, and we experience union with everything. This isn’t a subtle experience; it’s absolute. It is the greatest thing that can happen to any human.”

Isha Judd talks about how to be the best version of yourself

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