Hanna Rosin reviews startling new data that shows women actually surpassing men in several important measures, such as college graduation rates.

Do these trends, both US-centric and global, signal the “end of men”? Probably not – but they point toward an important societal shift worth deep discussion.

Hanna Rosin isn’t afraid to shine a skeptical spotlight on people’s cherished ideals, whether it’s politically correct dogma or the conservative Christian agenda.

Hanna Rosin is the sort of journalist who dares to articulate what people are thinking – only they hadn’t realized it yet. Born in Israel and raised in Queens, the co-founder of women’s site DoubleX and contributing editor at the Atlantic Monthly is probably best known for the furor raised by her article titled (not by her) “The End of Men”—which asserts that the era of male dominance has come to an end as women gain power in the postindustrial economy.

Rosin has covered religion and politics for the Washington Post and contributes to such publications as the New Yorker and the New Republic. Her book God’s Harvard: A Christian College on a Mission to Save America peers into the inner workings of Patrick Henry College, a seven-year school for evangelical Christians aspiring to political and cultural influence.